Where can I find Lomography products in my area?

Online ordering is easy and convenient, but sometimes it just doesn’t compare to the instant gratification of hunting down an item in a store, touching it with your hands, and heading home with a brand new camera!

All over the world, we’ve got Lomography Embassies, Galleries, and Stores devoted to keeping the Lomography movement exciting and dynamic.

Lomography Embassies are the go-to source for info on anything and everything about Lomography. They also hold exhibits and other Lomography-related activities in your area!

Lomography Gallery Stores not only offer the complete range of Lomography products, but they’re the prime spots for meet-ups and workshops, exhibitions, and parties, too. Some shops also double as Lomography Embassies. Make sure to drop by and say hi!

You can find a list of our Gallery Stores and Embassies by visiting our Stores page.

Please be sure to call ahead before visiting a Lomography Embassy, as they may have moved recently!

written on 2010-03-30 in #shop