How do I digitize my LomoKino Movie?

With the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder and the LomoKino Maker App you can digitalize your LomoMovies in a breeze!

It’s so simple! Just load your finished LomoKino movie into the LomoKinoScope, and attach both the LomoKinoScope and your phone to the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder. Open the LomoKino App, choose the right preset, press record and start recording your movie to share with your friends.

When digitizing negative film, the inverted picture will be calculated in realtime
When digitizing slide film, no filter is necessary.

For positive film (such as slide film), just opt for the no filter option. In the case of negative film, which needs inversion to show the correct colors, just select the right preset. This will show you the correct picture colors in realtime, and you can start recording. The result will look like this (and the app also records sound – though I told everyone to be quiet you hear some background noises):

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written on 2012-08-30 in #camera #lomokino