Lomography Awards: Off the Grid: Wildlife

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Are you one of the lucky people who had seen (and photographed!) the Big Five in Africa or encountered a giant panda gnawing a bamboo? Take out your shots of animals in their natural habitats or protected by sanctuaries and be the champ of this rumble!

For a photographer, a well-captured photo counts as a prized catch. Prove you have the prowess of a skilled visual hunter and showcase your photographs of elephants roaming free on expansive grasslands, leopards sleeping in trees, and whales sounding off their blowholes.

Each participant can submit up to 10 photographs. This competition, which serves as the qualifying round for Off the Grid, category is open to all.

Preview photo by furn7973

The Winners

Congratulations to: shufi, nachito7, neja, badjuju, llorenc78, amelia37blue, mjaa, missroxs, fabioalbe, guest & frenchyfyl.