Lomography Awards: Off the Grid: Nocturnal Nature

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Nocturnal Nature

From hypnotic star trails to tantalizing aurora, what are the magical scenes that can only be seen in nature at night?

Taking photographs at night can be tricky but sometimes the most interesting scenes in nature only happen once the sun goes down. Dancing lights of varying colors on the northern sky and nocturnal animals prepare for the hunt. Equipped with your favorite camera, enlighten us on the spellbinding, natural scenery that are unique to the night.

Each participant can submit up to 10 photographs. This competition, which serves as the qualifying round for the Off the Grid category is open to all.

Photo by blueskyandhardrock

The Winners

Congratulations to: raywychin, rawpix, mikeluntzilla, franckgraphy, changiyun, shoujoai, francesco_cenicola, furn7973, jaanius, lafilledeer & changiyun.