LomoMission: Stories on Double

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Stories on Double

Why pause at one frame when you can add layers upon layers of enticing visuals to your instant photographs?

Shooting with an instant camera is stepping into the old and the new. You still get to experience the tangible nature of film while enjoying the immediacy of going digital. This duality also opens an opportunity to experiment on the fly, especially when it comes to creating multi-layered photographs.

For this #LomoMission, grab your favorite Lomography instant camera, push the MX button, and start exploring the possibilities that having an unlimited multiple exposure option brings! Go the surrealist route and combine natural patterns with portraiture or throw in a Splitzer in the equation to create your own doppelganger.

Express your stories with the best double or multiple exposure instant photos and win a 10% discount code for our Online Shop! Each participant can submit up to 10 photographs shot with an instant camera. This competition will run until June 15, 2021. Good luck!

Photo by a9384c83.

The Winners

Congratulations to: agrimony, mariaelenacirillo, amanachan, cinziagabrielph & pwnmachine.