The film roll is made by Konica Genba Kantoku 28 WB, with film roll is Lomography 800, well iso to take photographs at night. The first time I have visited " Xóm Đạo" on Phạm Thế Hiển street, District 8, HCMC ( " Xóm Đạo " - this location has a lot of Christian, who will decorate their home, church a lot at Christmas ). A lot of neon lights on the way, full lights in some alleys. So attractive!
I bought a plush toy - a grey cat for my birthday, maybe weirdo but I still bring these furry balls outside, no problem haha V: My friends love it a lot. I wonder Why do you leave your buddy when you are in the grown-up world?
I still ride my bicycle to uproarious Bùi Viện street as a habit, just to see light signs.
Light sight, one of the reasons that I really love Saigon.

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