I started shooting photos when I was 6 years old. My first pics were about trees, ants, horses, grass, houses, some friends and a frisbee. Not much have changed...

2 years ago I bought a Lomo Diana F+ and a Lomo Diana Instant Square. I had a Canon AV-1 for a while, that I have managed to lost, so nowadays I am using an original Lomo LC-A.
I use Ilford PAN, Fujifulm Fujicolor C200, and 120mm Lomography Color Negative films.
I am just beginning to explore the different techniques, but planning to get a new hi-fi camera and to try home development, and some more Lomo stuff.

It's so good to see how You all also like the nature, the interesting faults, the play of the lights and colors, and to capture the feelings and have fun! So keep shooting! (And don't lose your cameras!)

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