It's been long 6yrs since I posted here last time. It's been also long time since I started thinking of coming back. Lomography website feels like home, Lomography is a reason why I started exposing films many years ago. I've been shooting film all this time, took gaps but never quit. So here I am, hi my old friends and everyone who shares the same passion. At first I wanted to upload my most recent film and start from there, but after thinking for a while I came up with the thought that I want this platform to be the main storage for my memories, thereby I will be posting some of my fav 2016-2021 albums first. Photos in this particular album were taken during camping at McRae Lake Conservation Reserve, few hours drive up north from Toronto, Canada. What are your thoughts folks, should I do it this way or should I post up to date photos only? Leave your comments and welcome me please. Luv