Testing LomoChrome Metropolis: Chris Bartolucci


California-based photographer and host of the Podcast Analog Talk Chris Bartolucci tested out our brand new film, LomoChrome Metropolis XR 100-400 during a shoot, which she also filmed for her YouTube Channel. Check out her results and thoughts on the brand new Color Negative film and watch her video review below.

Shot with theLomoChrome Metropolis. ©Chris Bartolucci

Hi Chris! Introduce yourself to the Lomography community.

Hi, I’m Chris! I’m a photographer, podcaster and YouTuber from Los Angeles, CA. I graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2004 and have been working in the field ever since. I’ve shot everything from weddings to stills on movie sets. I’m also a huge film photography enthusiast.

How did you first discover your passion for photography?

I was in high school and I started photographing friends who were in bands. I would photograph their shows or do promo photos for them. I would then develop the film and make prints in my makeshift darkroom. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Shot with theLomoChrome Metropolis. ©Chris Bartolucci

What do you enjoy most about shooting film?

I really enjoy the process. Being thoughtful about what you are shooting as to not “waste” film, choosing a specific film stock for a certain look you’re going for is all part of it. Also, there really is no better feeling than getting scans back from the lab or pulling the roll off the reel after developing at home.

Tell us more about your experience with the Metropolis film. What was your concept behind this shoot?

I really wanted to do a portrait/editorial session with the Metropolis film. I had been wanting to do a shoot with my model Jais for a long time. I knew his look would go well with the film but I didn’t expect that Metropolis film to lend itself so well — I was very pleasantly surprised.

Shot with theLomoChrome Metropolis. ©Chris Bartolucci

Pick a photo and tell us the story behind it.

It’s really hard to pick a favorite photo, but if I had to tell a story behind any from my Metropolis test roll I would say the one with Jais standing front of the garage building. There is something about his expression that I absolutely love. He is such an easy subject and we had a great time on our shoot together.

Shot with theLomoChrome Metropolis. ©Chris Bartolucci

What was your favorite thing about shooting with the LomoCrome Metropolis?

My favorite thing about shooting Metropolis film is being able to shoot it in bright harsh sunlight. I really think this film looks the best when shot in sunny situations and the colors are some of my favorite from any film stock!

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LomoChrome Metropolis XR 100–400

This film comes with a unique chemical formula specifically developed in our Lomography film manufactory, which desaturates colors, mutes tones and makes contrasts pop.

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