Memories Lost To Sleep with Gary Roberts and the Lomokino


We talked to director Gary David Roberts about his short film Memories Lost To Sleep and why he decided to use the Lomkino to shoot the dreamy memory scenes.

Hello Gary tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a writer and director based in London. I started out in music videos before moving on to work on commercials/narrative films for brands such as BBC, Google, San Miguel, Samsung and Canal+.

What made you decide to use the Lomokino in this film?

It was always important to me to find a different format or technique that best depicted what a memory feels like. Memories are very rarely accurate, there can be small or massive inaccuracies or imperfections. I think most people often remember things with a cinematic lens so a heavy 2:35 style crop also felt appropriate and the most memories feel rather romantic and using film gives that visual aesthetic.

After doing some research of ways to create a few tests like this I stumbled upon the Lomokino. I’ve always had and used Lomography cameras since I was at college and was curious about working with the Lomokino, so I bought one, used one film for a quick test and after getting back the first pass I knew straight away it would work perfectly. I then shared the camera with my Director of Photography Alick Cotterill and Production Designer Mimi Winsor who each had a couple of films and the camera for a couple of weeks. We all took turns capturing moments and creating memories from our real lives that would then become our actor's (Robyn Rainsford) memories forming in her dreams.

If you were to use this camera again what do you think you would shoot?

I have definitely had ideas about how far you could push it with the Lomokino. I’d love to explore making a whole short film using only this camera and see what sort of story would fit. I feel it would throw up so many unique challenges that would be fun to grapple with. But it would take a lot of 35mm film! Maybe something inspired by La Jetée could work quite well?

What's coming up in the future?

I’m about to shoot a new short film about a woman plugging in headphones into trees. I’d say it’s a blend of my first short The Problemless Anonymous, and this short Memories Lost to Sleep, so a mix of Science-fiction, Surrealism and Absurdism.

To see more of Gary's work, visit his website and Instagram page @garydavidroberts

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  1. nonspecificscientific
    nonspecificscientific ·

    I liked the use of the Lomo Kino in the video. Made me think of some of the places I visit in my dreams.

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