A Visual Diary in NYC with Beatrice Granados and Lomography Film

Beatrice is one of a growing number of young photographers who is exploring the world of film photography and choosing it as their preferred medium. She has become an expert in this field and uses Instagram as a way of engaging with this growing community, sharing her travels and experiences with a dedicated following. We talked to Beatrice about what she does and why self portraits are a reoccuring theme.

Photos by Beatrice Granados taken with LomoChrome Purple
“A year ago I moved to London from Spain. Beside the weather I fell in love with this city. But my dream is to travel around the world and experiment the adventure of living in different cities, so probably you are going to see me next somewhere else. I love to photograph people, portrait is my favourite form of photography. But I also really like time by myself. Maybe that’s why I shoot a lot of self portraits. In these particular pictures, it was because I was travelling by my own and I wanted to document my stay in NYC. Me walking around, enjoying an amazing summer weather.”_
Photos by Beatrice Granados taken with LomoChrome Purple

We asked her why she chooses film and how she found shooting with the LomoChrome Purple and Lomography Colour Neg 400 film.

“I find shooting with film very romantic in a way. It reminds me of when I was a child. We didn’t have digital cameras yet so I always carried my point and shoot that I won in a lottery. Also I love the feeling of not knowing how it's going to turn out and the joy you experience when you receive your film back. I really like the results of the Lomography Colour Neg 400 film. The colors are stunning not too green or yellow, but a tinny Fuji feeling. With the LomoChrome Purple it was so much fun. I found myself not only thinking about the photo itself but about how I could play with the colours, knowing the purple effect.”_
Photos by Beatrice Granados taken with Lomography Colour Neg 400 film.

To see more of Beatrice's work visit her Instagram page @beatricerigby

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