Around the World in Analogue: Life in Istanbul

Known as the most populous city and the center for culture, history, and economy in Turkey, Istanbul is one of the cities in the world that has a life on its own. Something is always up. Aside from being a tourist attraction, there are so many exotic things for trade – whether you're a tourist, merchant or a local – you'll just end up being fascinated with its bazaars. Don't get us started on the nightlife. It's a city where two continents intersect, as its influences from Asia and Europe meet. Lomographer Dorukhan Ören a.k.a. doruqpasha captures the buzzing city life in both color and black and white. Here's what he has to say about his home, in his own words and pictures.

© Dorukhan Ören

I was born and grew up in İstanbul and this endless city is addictive -- even if it is unbearable crowded and tiring. I like hanging out on Bagdat Avenue, much calmer than other places, and the best seaside in the city. I went to the seaside and some shot architecture photos. I also visited the antique market. My route was: Firstly I am going from west side to east side down to Bosphorus and I pass Golden Horn Bridge and I shot Dolmabahçe Palace and some street photos. Then I find myself in the market. I go to Sancaklar Mosque a couple of days after and I take good architecture photos.

Here in Istanbul, you can find anything, any cuisine, any music whatever comes to mind. Any trends in the world pop up immediately here. even one of the best places for many medical operations. You can find movies, theatres, musicals. everything has a customer in this crowded city. For food, I recommend Hamdi restaurant Eminönü, they have a nice view and a nice price!

© Dorukhan Ören

Most people love fishing, food, and music. We love our city to bits. The people here are very hospitable. I know it's cliche but really they are.

You should definitely buy İstanbulkart, a transportation card for any bus and metro. If taking a cab, show where you will go to the driver while in a taxi from google maps or other apps he is can't cheat on you. If you must go to the bathroom, going to Shell or Opet gas station is clean and free.

Personally, I really like the modern side of the city, but if you are a tourist you will prefer the historical peninsula.

© Dorukhan Ören

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