Customizing La Sardina DIY: A Jungle Adventure with Asia Orlando

We love the unique aesthetics of the artist based on The Netherlands Asia Orlando. That's why we asked her to customize our La Sardina DIY and the result is a camera filled with her signature style of jungle elements. Follow the step by step of the creative process in this article and in the video she uploaded in her YouTube channel.

© Asia Orlando

The La Sardina DIY is a blank canvas that you can personalize as you want with the materials you choose. But Asia was totally sure which style and materials she wanted to use for this project. She used colored markers to create a very colorful pattern inspired by the jungle and drawn in her personal style. She enjoyed the customizing process and felt like it is very easy to separate the parts of the camera and to draw on it.

Now, all that's left is for her to shoot with it! We are looking forward to seeing the most special moments she would photograph with this unique beauty!

© Asia Orlando

You can also check the whole process explained by herself in this video.

Many thanks to Asia for this amazing work! Find out more of her artistic work following her on Instagram and checking her YouTube channel.

written by tatianapons on 2020-03-31 #videos

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