LomoAmigo: Street Fashion with Lomo LC-A Minitar-1 by Kanrapee Chokpaiboon

Mysterious, fascinating and unique are the words that can define photos of Kanrapee Chokpaiboon. Kanrapee’s a young Thai street fashion photographer who has been working with many global brands. For the trendy and fashionable Lomographers, don’t miss out on our interview with Kanrapee about his photography techniques from the Lomo LC-A Minitar-1 Lens.

Hello Kanrapee! Could you please tell us about yourself?

Hello! I’m Kanrapee Chokpaiboon (Ming). I'm a photographer of the Street Photo Thailand and the Burn my eye groups.

Your works are mostly about street fashion. How did you start in this industry?

I started working after graduation. I have been always taking people for lookbooks. Then I started to take street photography and apply street photography techniques for my fashion photography style. When I was in New York, I got to know Boom (Pakawat) and he introduced me to a Korean agency in New York. So this is how I started working with this brand.

And your works are mostly portraits too. Do you have any techniques for choosing interesting people and locations for shooting?

Although most of my photos are close-up, these elements are indispensable to me. I like to choose people with unique characteristics that catch my eyes. They may be color, the dress, or the person. For the location, I like places with geometric shapes and colorful scenery.

I see you have a great opportunity to work with many famous brands. Which brand are you most proud to work with?

Right now I work with ‘Rachel Comey in New York. When I was in New York, Gus Powell, who is one of my favorite photographers, contacted me to work as the second camera of this brand's fashion show at New York Fashion Week. I’m very happy to work with Gus Powell. He's given me the freedom to create my work and the resulting photo was very satisfying. My latest work as one of the photographers for the collaboration project to present New Balance 990V5 with New Balance Thailand. This is another event that I will never forget!

Do you think fashion photography is suitable for film cameras?

I think it depends on the person. For me, I’m not good at film cameras because I like to take photos and see the result in real-time. If it doesn't work, I can take it again. Sometimes I have just one opportunity, so I could do my best. My work mainly uses digital cameras but sometimes I also use film camera lenses or Lomography lenses because they all have characters that are different from digital lenses.

How do you feel about the Lomo LC-A Minitar-1 lens after using it?

I like it very much! It comes with a good range and It has the same character as the Lomo camera. When I use flash, it will bring out unique colors and tones. And a special reason is that my girlfriend gave it to me as a birthday gift!

Why did you choose theLomo LC-A Minitar-1 Lens for fashion photography?

It can create an interesting character and I also like the vibrant color from this lens. Therefore it’s very suitable for fashion photography because the vibrant color is my style. So this lens is quite right for me.

What type of photography do you think the Lomo LC-A Minitar-1 lens is best suited for?

It suited many styles but especially street photography because the focal lens is 32 mm and it also has zone focusing. If you use it proficiently, your photography will process very fast.

Your works are amazing! Which most photos do you like from this lens? and why?

I can't choose between these two photos. So every moment from these photos are very peak in my life (seen in the photo block below):

First the photo of a huge fire in Central New York (left). I saw this situation on the way to the cinema. I slipped the camera through the police and firefighters and acted as a news photographer. So that's why I got this photo.

Secondly, the one on the right. At that time, New York had a snowstorm. So New York authorities are announcing the people to warn of this situation and preparing to close all subway lines. From my side, I hurried to bring the camera and traveled to Coney Island which takes a 40-minute train ride from the city. I walked to the coast and saw these flocks of birds, so I hurriedly went to take some shots. To summarize that day, I had to be stuck on Coney Island for hours. I had to wait for the snowstorm to calm down until the subway began to open again

1st and 2nd favorite photos by Kanrapee.

Do you have any suggestions for photographers who would like to have an experience with fashion photography?

If you want to try, please try it. I think life is an experiment and I also started experimenting too. So maybe you will find a style that you love!

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Kanrapee! Visit his website, Facebook and Instagram for more of his works!

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