Edward Conde's City of Angels on the New Babylon Kino B&W ISO 13 Film


For Los Angeles based photographer Edward Conde, the new Babylon Kino B&W ISO 13 is the perfect match for the sun-soaked, palm trees filled streets. With a few tricks down his sleeves, Edward already has quite some experience in shooting low ISO film, even being a part of a podcast about low ISO films. He shared with us his impressions of this new film hot out from the oven.

Did you have any previous experience shooting with slow film? What was the lowest ISO you’ve tried in the past?

Yes, I have been shooting low iso film for some time now. The lowest ISO I have shot is ISO 6 & ISO 12 with Kodak 2238 B&W film.

How was your experience shooting with our slow ISO black and white film?

Here in Los Angeles, we have plenty of sun for these low iso films. It is always fun shooting new films, especially slow films.

I loaded the film into my Nikon F100. It’s one of the cameras I have that will allow me to shoot at low iso speeds. The meter in the camera is was helpful in providing me with the aperture and shutter speed information. I found with this film, I was shooting between f2.8 - f4 while maintaining acceptable shutter speeds.

© Edward Conde

Do you prefer colored or black and white photography? Why?

For me, it depends on my mood. I love both color and B&W photography. I do find myself going into different film moods throughout the year. During the spring/summer months, I tend to shoot a lot of color film with a sprinkle of B&W. I think it's the colors of these months that make me gravitate towards shooting color film. Black and white, I will shoot throughout the year, but mostly in the fall/winter months, when the fog and rains come.

© Edward Conde

Did you have your roll of film developed in a lab or did you develop it yourself? If so, could you tell us a brief explanation of your development process (ie: which developer you used, type of agitation, how long...etc)?

I had the film developed by Lomography USA. I would have loved to develop it myself, but for the sake of time, it was quicker to send it back for developing and scanning. I can’t wait to develop some rolls myself and try different developers to see if there are changes in the looks of the film.

Any additional impression of the Babylon Kino B&W ISO 13 ?

With this film, there is shadow detail, the highlights are maintained and the blacks are nuanced.

© Edward Conde

Lastly what kind of photography would you recommend our new black and white film for?

I mostly shoot documentary and street photos, so I think this film could work well in those photographic genres.

If you wish to see more of Edward's work, head to his Instagram and his LomoHome.

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