Bulb Mode Basics and Visual Inspiration For Indoor Photos

If you're used to taking photographs outdoors, staying in might be keeping you anxious and uninspired. Such feelings are normal and understandable, but we hope you'll consider reaching for your camera again. Photography will distract you from worries and keep your creativity in check. If you're not in the mood, no worries — just know that finding inspiration is always a click away! Here, we bring you a short list of Bulb mode basics, to prep you for indoor shoots.

Catch the Lights!

If you’re new to shooting in low-light, community member @adi_totp shares some beginner-friendly tips, particularly with some Lomography cameras.

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Credits: adi_totp

No Flash, No Shirt, No Problem: A Guide to Shooting Shows with No Flash

While this was originally written for flash-less concert photography, the tips indicated here also applies to general low-light and indoor photography, too.

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Credits: maximsmajda & laureziasimon

Beautiful Photos of Nighttime Scenes Taken with the Diana F+

One thing about the Diana F+ is … well, it loves the sun. When you give it a lot of light, it will reward you with beautiful dream-like shots. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it in low light — it has a Bulb mode, and if you take out its lens, it functions as a pinhole camera. You can keep the shutter open for as long as you like! Still not convinced? This gallery hopefully will inspire you!

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Credits: jaywud & chant0m0

Unleash Your Inner Creativity with the Lomo LC-A+

If you have a Lomo LC-A+, load it with high ISO film (400 and above) and you’re all set for lovely low-light photos. Just make sure to keep your camera steady in your hands, on a surface, or on a tripod. Push the shutter button and wait for the second “click” to finish the exposure.

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Credits: frauspatzi, northwardnimbus & 2y2son4

At Home With Your Camera? Here Are Some Ideas for Indoor Photography

Perhaps you’ve already mastered the techniques but are stumped with visual ideas or subjects. Here are some suggestions!

Credits: tanyaclarke, fufoo & npkishi

Wherever you are in the world, we hope that you are doing well. Hang in there, Lomographers!

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