Around the World in Analogue: Guernsey in Monochrome

Part of the British Crown dependency, Guernsey is the second largest in the Channel Islands, a longtime tourist spot since the Victorian era for scenic beaches, countryside, and cliffs, as well as historical monuments, landmarks dating way back its Normandy roots. Linda Priede a.k.a. lindapri lives in Guernsey and enjoys the French and English cultural influences the island has to offer, especially with how Guernsey is at the cusp of modernity and nature. She shares the views and seascapes of Guernsey in black and white through a single-use film camera.

Here is her short and sweet story:

" If there is no risk, there is no reward", " if you don't take risks, you don't drink champagne" and a lot of other sayings to fuel your fire. A lot of other sayings to support someone or ourselves before taking the risks.

I took one. One year ago. One of the biggest risks until my 20s. In two months I moved to a small island between England and France, named Guernsey. And now I'm drinking champagne. I took one risk and I fell in love, I started to take risks without thinking too much and here I'm, in love with a film camera. Truly.

On my birthday I bought a single-use black and white camera Ilford Harman technology XP2 C41. Till I bought a camera I was just a hu(uuuu)ge fan of film photography. It was like a small experiment "will I be able to find a language with a film camera" It took my breath away.

I fell in love with capturing moments. Not with a picture (at first) but with the moment, those 5 seconds between rolling a film and pressing a button. I realized for the first time since I was taking photographs that I for real stop the time with the camera. I'm not able to see my pictures until I finish my film roll. Whenever I was taking the picture I felt the smell of secrets from my camera.

I catch some lonely streets, beaches, coffee shops. Time after time I saw some children on beaches. I met cows and "cheer up!" posters on windows. Windy days and moon.

Can a person love the moment? Yes. I'm inspired to continue. Don't know how good I'm, but I know that it took my breath away. So why not continue? I'm still here on Guernsey, Channel island, but now with a real film camera. With my new partner in crime. I recommend everybody take risks, you never know what it could lead to

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written by cielsan on 2020-10-30 #culture #people #places #guernsey #around-the-world-in-analogue

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