Picture-Perfect Plants: Sight for Sore Eyes

This year, people from all over the world were required to shelter in place. It's not surprising then, that there's an uptick in plant cultivation. In recent years, it was already very popular among millennials, who were eager to pick up a pothos or fern, for air-purifying (and let's face it, social media) purposes. It's become so trendy that gardening shops were selling out, even when the prices have become ridiculously steep. Even more so when we were told to stay at home – the yearning for the outdoors prompted a lot of us to bring some greenery into our homes.

We're looking forward to the days when we can fearlessly wander again, taking in the greatness of nature through our lenses. Until then, here are some photos to soothe our souls and weary eyes.

Credits: ciarajburke

Wild and Untamed

Shrubs and weeds that have grown over the year make interesting photographic subjects. Blades of grass flailing in the wind, surprise buds sprouting out of nowhere, towering overheads or bending low like a canopy. Wild and untamed, as nature intended.

Credits: grazie & ciarajburke

A Surreal Escape

If you've seen a scenic view one too many times, it's highly likely that familiarity will dampen the excitement. Freshen your perspective by using lenses to zoom in, widen, or distort the picture, or take a cue from @hodachrome and experiment with multiple exposures or color-shifting film.

Credits: hodachrome

Space Invaders

This year, it didn't matter whether we had a green thumb or not. With all the time in our hands, we were determined to nurture a house plant, in hopes that one day, we will be gifted with a new sprout. Not only do plants make our spaces more lively, but it also gives us the therapeutic benefits of nature without having to leave the house. Growing out-of-control or elaborately trimmed, they are truly photogenic in either way.

Credits: why-yu

Heading outdoors for a quick hike? Always stay safe, and keep your hands and photo gear clean!

2021-01-09 #analogue #plants #community

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