A Quiet Glimpse of Tokyo


It's easy to associate Tokyo as an overwhelming feast for the senses. Neon-lit and ultra-trendy, this Japanese city is always evolving with its vibrant mish-mash of cultures and subcultures, of hedonism and consumerism.

Credits: n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e

When the sensory overload become too much to handle, prepare to get lost in the maze, and seek the more laidback pockets of the city. Escape to its hidden gems with your camera.

Credits: n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e

These photos taken by @n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e offer a peek into the quieter moments of a hectic city. With streets slightly damp from the rain and reflecting the colorful city lights, the scenes become even more cinematic with the use of a Cinestill film on a Nikon FM.

Credits: n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e

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  1. duffman
    duffman ·

    love the trough the window ones! :)

  2. n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e
    n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e ·

    I feel very honored to be featured.
    Thank you so much!

  3. n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e
    n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e ·

    @duffman Thank you! :)

  4. dominik_unbehagen
    dominik_unbehagen ·

    @n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e Your work is so good! Congratulations! :)

  5. janca
    janca ·

    Amazing photos!

  6. n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e
    n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e ·

    @dominik_unbehagen Thank you! :)

  7. n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e
    n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e ·

    @janca Thank you! :)

  8. h_turner
    h_turner ·


  9. n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e
    n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e ·

    @h_turner ありがとうございます!:)

  10. lofnikolas
    lofnikolas ·

    Nice work,grettings from greece

  11. n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e
    n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e ·

    @lofnikolas Thank you! :)

  12. shhquiet
    shhquiet ·

    @n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e your photos are lovely <3

  13. n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e
    n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e ·

    I am really grateful to you for writing this article. Thank you so much!

  14. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Shubarashi 👏 Omedetou 👍🌃📷🗾

  15. n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e
    n_u_m_b_f_a_c_e ·

    @hervinsyah Arigato! Thank you so much! :)

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