Some New Habits To Get Used To


2020 was a challenging year, and while we're still adjusting to the so-called "new normal", the new year makes us hope for something better. Resolutions and goals may seem a bit of a cliché, but consider making them anyway—it's a push to keep you going. Here are some tips to get you started.

Simplify Your Gear

You don’t have to wait until Spring to do a little cleaning. Repurpose the film canisters you’ve accumulated. Make a new camera strap to replace the worn-out one. Donate a point-and-shoot that you no longer use to a friend or a family member. Trim down your gear to just the essentials and set aside the rest of the stuff for selling, discarding, or donating. Of course, we’re not suggesting you toss out your special editions and collector’s items—unless you want to!

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Keep a Logbook

Try to develop the habit of writing to keep track of ideas, sort out your thoughts, or even when there’s not much going on. Keeping a logbook will help you unload your stress and anxiety so that you can make space for new inspiration. Plus, you can conveniently review your ideas and decide whether to pursue or revise them.

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Seek Out Collaborators

With most of us still sheltering in place, there’s no doubt that somewhere, a photographer is looking for someone to swap film or create a photo zine with. And even if you’re not in the mood to do anything productive, making new friends might re-ignite the creative spark that you thought you lost.

Credits: renaishashin & bravebird

Give Yourself a Break

Ok, so maybe you're one of the creative folks who took full advantage of the quarantine and such ... well, hats off to you! You might be feeling pressured to maintain (or outdo) your productivity, just because a new year has started. It's a no-brainer, but try not to stress too much if new ideas don't swing by. Give yourself some time to recharge!

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These simple tips are quite easy to take for granted but they will make a big difference. We hope these reminders will guide you through the new year with happiness and creativity!


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  1. trad69
    trad69 ·

    The logbook is a really good idea. Keep a track on what film is in which camera and how to develop it so as soon as its in the spiral you're ready to go.

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