A Snowy Lady Grey by Lomographer jan_onfilm

Jan, aka jan_onfilm , has been involved with photography for a long time, but it's only been in the last year that the 27-year-old has been snapping analog pictures. He loves to explore the world with his camera and capture his point of view. For this series, Jan brought along the Lomography Lady Grey Film for wonderful contrasts in the snow. Find out his thoughts behind the series in this article.

© jan_onfilm | Lomography Lady Grey Film

Why did you start taking analogue photos? What is the analogue charm for you?

When I started experimenting with vintage lenses on my digital system camera, I immediately fell in love with the look of these old lenses! These not-so-perfect results with lots of character excited me from the start! So I definitely wanted more of that look, so I bought my first analogue camera and was blown away! I was able to dive into a whole new world of photography.
Besides the fantastic results, the whole process of analogue photography is what makes it so charming to me. Experiencing every single step from the selection of the film to the scanned or printed image is just awesome. I also incredibly enjoy experimenting with the different films! I just love being surprised by the results.

© jan_onfilm | Lomography Lady Grey Film

How was your experience with the Lomography Lady Grey? What do you particularly like about it?

The Lady Grey Film convinced me right after i saw the results of my first roll. I had wanted to try the film in combination with snow for some time. I especially like the soft and even look with a very special texture and grain.

© jan_onfilm | Lomography Lady Grey Film

What was the idea behind the series? Did the film have an influence on the choice of subject?

On a gray and snowy Sunday, I wanted to photograph a small castle chapel and its surroundings on B&W film. In B&W photography, I'm always looking for subjects with interesting textures or contrasts.

© jan_onfilm | Lomography Lady Grey Film

Do you have a favorite picture from this series? If so, why do you like it especially?

My favorite picture is the one with the small bench in the middle of the snow. Here I like the great contrast between the white snow and pale background to the bench and the trees in the foreground.

© jan_onfilm | Lomography Lady Grey Film

Tips and tricks for those who want to shoot with the Lady Grey film in the future?.

Lady Grey is definitely great for gray or snowy days! To make the snow appear beautifully white in the photograph, I overexposed an aperture. Otherwise, I can recommend it just to experiment with the film and have fun!

© jan_onfilm | Lomography Lady Grey Film

Many thanks to Jan for sharing his series and his thoughts on it with us! Check out his LomoHome, Instagram , Twitter and his Website to stay up to date with his creations! And if you fell in love with the look of our Lady Grey Film, you can, of course, find it in our Online Shop

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