"Variazioni sulla Baviera": A series by Martt with the LomoChrome Purple

The film journey of photographer Martt, aka analog.martt all started with disposable cameras he bought for traveling, but eventually he fell in love with film photography so much that he bought a real camera. Martt says: "Photography is a powerful medium when it comes to stimulating people's imaginations and telling a story."

In this interview, Martt talks about his analogue adventures and his series 'Variazioni sulla Baviera' which he shot on LomoChrome Purple among others.

© analog.martt

What does analogue photography mean to you?

Analogue photography is therapy for me. As I always say, there are not many things that I connect with so much that makes me live in the present. I also believe that, especially because of the conditions we live in, it is of extreme importance to be part of a community. We are all isolated and have a tendency to feel lonely. But when we connect with other people through our art, we have a sense of belonging. Being part of the analogue community has given me this feeling that I have longed for a long time. I've met people from all over the world and made good friends.

© analog.martt

Why did you try the LomoChrome Purple for the first time and did your hopes come true in practice? What do you like about it in particular?

My first contact with this film was through Mariah Peixoto, a Brazilian analogue photographer I'm connected with on Instagram. After seeing her shots, I fell in love with this idea because I hadn't seen this kind of film before. I'm really a nerd and spend a lot of time studying color theory. Purple is one of my favorite colors, so I could talk for hours about its ambivalence, historical, symbolic and cultural background. Interestingly, I ended up being even more surprised at how it affected the other colors in my paintings. This film is able to create blues and greens that are very rare to find. All of this adds up to a film that I think is one of the most unique films currently available.

© analog.martt

What was the idea behind the series? Did the film have any influence on the choice of the motif?

I am a classically trained pianist. I wanted to create a new series that mimicked the idea of the variation principle in classical music. This represents the altered repetition of the initial motif, in this case, Bavaria, and I presented variations of it through the lens of three different cameras and with three different films (two of them from Lomography). The shots I took with LomoChrome Purple ended up being the star of the series because they gave it a surreal aspect. That was my intention from the beginning. I tend to like it when my images don't seem staged, but I wanted to experiment and expand my creative output. The choice of film was very important in this context.

© analog.martt

Do you have a favorite image from this series? If so, why do you especially like it?

My favorite picture from this series is one of the surfers. It shows a very special adventure in Munich, surfing on the Eisbach, which is something you rarely get to see. I love how the color shifts try to express the elevation of the sensation you feel while surfing. It also expresses the dynamic that I look for in my photography. And the effect of the waves in particular does credit to my impressionist influences.

© analog.martt

Tips and tricks for future Purple users?.

This film is very versatile. Don't be afraid to experiment with subjects far from the landscape. You don't have to wait for summer to photograph trees. It's surprising what beautiful results this film produces in all seasons. Check out the blog post on the Lomography website showing a rainbow umbrella with and without this film to better appreciate how it will affect the end result. And have fun with it, because in the end, the surprise is still the best part about it!

© analog.martt

Last but not least: Do you have some inspiring words for our readers?

I am convinced that analogue photography can act as a powerful and therapeutic tool. We live in an artificial age, addicted to perfection and the propagation of lies that really affect our mental health. But as artists, we have the power to turn the tables. We can use our images and platforms to celebrate the beauty of what is real, healthy, and imperfect. Analogue goes beyond nostalgia. It's not just about film grain, but the underlying emphasis on the organic.

Thanks to Martt for sharing his wonderful shots and thoughts on this! Check out his Instagram profile and be enchanted! And if you fell in love with the purple look of the LomoChrome Purple, check out the Shop and try it for yourself right now <3

written by alinaxeniatroniarsky on 2021-04-08 #gear #people #places

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