Making the Most Out of the Versatile Diana F+


While the Diana F+ camera is known for its rich colors, capable of the coveted dreamy lo-fi look, mysterious light leaks, and classic vignetting, it can do so much more than that! Want to see a new side of your beloved Diana F+ Camera ? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you achieve a wide variety of results.

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Monochrome masterpieces

The Diana F+ is wonderfully suitable for monochrome shots. For especially nostalgic snapshots, you can combine it with Berlin Kino ISO 400 or another B&W film, for example. For a bit of variety, you can of course immerse your world in color with LomoChrome Purple or Redscale Film. A little tip: the greater the contrast, the more glaring it will be!

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Sprocket Love

The film look with the sprocket holes is already present on Instagram filters - but you don't have to fake the look with the Diana F+! The Diana 35mm Back+ allows you to put 35mm film in your Diana. The sprocket holes are automatically exposed as well!

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Double Up on the Fun!

Sometimes one exposure just isn't enough! With multiple exposures, you can create a wild, surreal world that knows no laws. You can shoot the complete film at once and just load it a second time, or even swap with another Lomographer for a film swap. But you can also just not fast forward after you press the shutter button and stack as many exposures as you like. Tips and tricks and lots of ideas about multiple exposures can be found here.

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Longer is Better

With the Bulb mode, the Diana can also take long exposures. You can use these to take pictures in the dark, but also to draw light pictures! To do this, you can simply move the camera in front of a light source or, for example, create paintings with the Light Painter! How you can paint with light, you can learn here. A little tip: Try to combine long time and multiple exposures!

Credits: saralannot, mirellavic, stinketier & quaisoir

The Diana F+ is a new edition of the classic cult camera from the 1960s. It is famous for its dreamy and soft shots and now also comes with additional features, such as a panorama and pinhole function. If you don't have one yet but have fallen in love with the aesthetics, you should stop by our Online Shop and check out all the unique versions and designs of the Diana camera!

written by alinaxeniatroniarsky on 2021-04-05 #tutorials

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