A Diary of Everyday Life in Analogue by pupeponzu

Springtime in Lomography means the most aesthetic and natural photographs blooming in the Community gallery. With the soft yet warm spread of the sunlight, film photographers are all the more inspired to load up their cameras and shoot outside, from big events to the smallest details. We take some notes from Lomographer pupeponzu and how they compose their images.

Credits: pupeponzu

Based in Japan, pupeponzu takes advantage of both the urban and natural elements found in their surroundings. They focus on objects and details that redefine mundanity into something artful. Some of the pastel palettes are analogous, making the compositions look soft. Pink items and objects bloom and glow by themselves under the perfect amount of sunlight. The blues are ever pristine and clean, often complementing with the lemon yellows and rustic tones.

These images of little things from everyday life remind us also the little, joyful yet fleeting moments that make up our day.

Credits: pupeponzu

Lomographer pupeponzu makes use of shadows to make natural textures on surfaces, adding some ornamentation to the inanimate. They use their keen eyes to capture some details like natural color contrasts. Natural light and color negative 35 mm films make the best combination for this romantic and pure springtime ambiance.

Credits: pupeponzu

Visit and follow their LomoHome for more of their works.

written by cielsan on 2021-04-04 #people #street-photography #pupeponzu

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