Breaking Gender Stereotypes with Hong Kong Photographer TMT

As we celebrated Women's History Month and International Women's Day, we are delighted to invite Hong Kong photographer TMT to share her photography insights and journey! TMT is a fashion photographer who loves exploring different formats of film photography. One of her favorites being instant photography; she created an Instagram dedicated to her instants. To TMT, there is no gender distinction between feminine and masculine, and no one should define a person's role by gender. This is how TMT #ChooseToChallenge.

Hello TMT, welcome to Lomography! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am a visual artist based in Hong Kong, creating aesthetics through my photography work. I am also a perfectionist Virgo.


How did you get started with photography? Are there any photographers you admire the most?

Xanga blogs were popular in middle school, but I felt embarrassing using words to express my inner world, so I started messing around with the DC camera I found at home. I would then upload them on Xanga and since then I never stopped shooting! Photographers I found most inspiring are Rodney Smith, Guy Bourdin, Erwin Blumenfeld, and Tim Walker.


How would you describe your photography style? Where do you get your inspirations from?

I simply create what I like. I don't want to label my work as I believe the audience would have their own interpretations. I get my inspirations from paintings, movies, books, music, to my daily life.

"As long as you keep your curiosity alive, inspiration can be found everywhere!"

What type of photography do you mainly do? Can you share with us your favorite photographic equipment?

Recently, I have been focusing on fashion photography. For work, I mainly shoot with my Nikon D750 and Mamiya RZ67, and for myself, Nikon 28Ti and Polaroid SLR 690 are what I usually use outside of work.


What are the advantages of being a female photographer? Or have you ever encountered any difficulties?

It's very old-fashioned to distinguish between male and female photographers in this generation. There is no need to emphasize the word "female" in front of photographers. I don't think that occupations need to be divided by gender. Regardless of men and women, there are always their own advantages and disadvantages.


You have an Instagram dedicated to polaroids. What do you like about instant photography?

Instant photos can have different effects under different light sources and temperatures. I like the feeling of being uncontrolled, and the result surprises me every time! I also like the rawness of it and being able to physically contact my photo after it is developed instantly!


Any favorite work of yours?

Umm, I usually get very picky with my photos after the shoot, maybe that's me being a Virgo!


Is there anything you want to say to other women who love photography?

"Embrace yourself as a human! There is no gender distinction between feminine and masculine, don't let your gender limit you!"

What are your upcoming plans?

I want to keep creating with people coming from multi-media.


We would like to thank TMT for her with us. If you are interested in TMT's work, go check out her website and follow her on Instagram (@tmt.t & @instmt) !

written by rachelmanlomo on 2021-03-30 #culture #people

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