Hong Kong Day and Night – a Photo Gallery by @francislee


Whenever postcards are involved, you almost always think of color photographs. Well, why not? After all, color photographs bring out the beauty of an image in so many wonderful ways. However, this gallery from Lomographer @francislee can challenge that idea. This tour around Hong Kong was shot in black-and-white film and the scenes are a monochrome delight.

Credits: francislee

Instead of choosing a color film to capture these shots, @francislee used the different characteristics of black-and-white film to give us a view of Hong Kong with grit, shadows, and varying tones. The nightlights are especially wonderful as their reflections on the waters glisten. The busy metropolis that is so alive in the day looks equally vibrant at night.

Credits: francislee

Another thing worth mentioning is the street photography styling of some shots in this album. Daily life, stills, and architecture offer different delights to the audience, much like Hong Kong with its sceneries, food, and bustling street life. The crisp lens of the Rollei 35 and the rich black-and-white tones of the Agfa APX 100 truly make a good film and camera combo.

We would like to thank @francislee for sharing these snaps with the community. Check out this album to see more day and night shots of Hong Kong.

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  1. francislee
    francislee ·

    I would like to say thank you to Lomography. Hope more people know Hong Kong from my works.

  2. cheeo
    cheeo ·

    @francislee we love your work! More, please. Thank you!

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