Vienna on Metropolis – by Anton Vernydub


Anton has been taking analogue photos for two years and his gentle, dreamy style makes Vienna seem like a fairytale world. Now he had our LomoChrome Metropolis on test and shares his wonderful shots, thoughts and experiences with us in this article.

© Anton

Hello Anton and welcome to Lomography Magazine! Please tell us a bit about, how did you get into photography? What do you like most about it?

Photography has interested me since I was a child. I dabbled with my first digital camera SONY RX100 for years and learned all the basics with it.

© Anton

The real fascination for photography came when I discovered analogue photography at the end of 2019. Since digital photography became quite monotonous after a while, the desire to try something different arose. My brother (@arthur.verny) bought an analogue SLR camera at that time, with which I then tried my first roll of Kodak Gold 200. My perspective completely changed because the process was so different from analogue photography.

To do this, the photos on the film roll also have to be developed, which is also time-consuming, adding to the excitement. Photography is still a relatively young medium (compared to, for example, painting or sculpture) and I am curious to see how it will develop in the future. For me, photography is about documenting my surroundings in an aesthetically pleasing way. It allows me to capture moments that will never happen again. I try to make something interesting out of the trivial.

© Anton

Why did you start taking analogue photographs? What is the analogue charm for you?

One of the biggest reasons that brought me to analogue photography was definitely the "film look".

They look "timeless" in my opinion. I also find it amazing that you can get incredibly good results with the simplest of equipment. Because of the fact that most analogue cameras are very simply built and don't have complicated settings, the focus is more on creativity than on the technical aspects.

© Anton

You have tested the LomoChrome Metropolis film – what is your impression? What did you particularly like?

One of the biggest aspects of my photos is the interplay of colours. Since I have been shooting almost exclusively with Kodak Portra 400 and Kodak Gold 200 for the last few months, and am quite used to these films, the Lomochrome Metropolis presented a new challenge and an opportunity to experiment.

© Anton

What equipment and settings did you use? Did you experiment with different lighting conditions?

I took the photos with a Contax G1 at ISO 200. Most of the photos from this roll I took during the "Golden Hour", however, I think this film is quite suitable for overcast and rainy days because of the dusky colouring.

© Anton

What was your approach? How did you choose your motifs? Did the characteristics of the film have an influence?

This film has a very nice contrast with the red colouring. That's why I tried to incorporate the red colour into my motifs.

© Anton

Do you have a favourite photo from the series? If so, which ones and why?

My favourite photo is the one with the restaurant sign. I like the symmetry and the contrast between the dark and the light side of the building. Also, the red stop sign gives an interesting detail. I also like the picture with the red train and the buses. The red and white colour scheme works well together. In addition, the clouds in the sky look very nice.

© Anton

Many thanks to Anton for sharing his photographs and impressions with us! Check out his Instagram and leave some love!

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