Flypaper's Trip to Tibet With Lomography's Color Negative 800


Flypaper is a veteran Lomographer and a loyal medium format user. He often tries our different films! Recently, he just set foot on the land of Tibet with his favorite Lomography Color Negative Film 800. We are very happy to invite him to share with us what he experiences during the journey and the beautiful scenery of Namucuo. Let's take a look at these beautiful photos!

Photo by Flypaper with Lomography color negative 800

I think one of the most interesting aspects of the film system is that it has a lot of applicable equipment. It can satisfy users with different needs and at different levels with various choices and personalized ways to play around. In today's highly homogenous digital photography, anyone who likes taking pictures, who loves photography should not miss this charming afterglow of the last generation.

Photo by Flypaper with Lomography color negative 800

My favorite product is Lomo LC-A 120 film camera , with its medium format and super wide-angle, somewhat comparable to a Hasselblad SWC haha. My favorite film is Lomography color negative 800 . Now the choices of traditional film products have become less and less, and the production of many famous films have been discontinued or are facing discontinuation.

As a high-speed film with very good performance, Lomo 800 is very cost-effective, and it performs well when shooting with dim light.

Photo by Flypaper with Lomography color negative 800

My favorite photo is of the gas station in front of the mountain. When I took this photo, the gas meter of my car was bottomed out. When I arrived here, I felt that this gas station exudes a sacred comparable to the Potala Palace haha.

Photo by Flypaper with Lomography color negative 800

It makes me so happy driving a car across the mountains and lakes with my trunk full of cameras and films.

Photo by Flypaper with Lomography color negative 800

Thank you Flypaper for sharing, and we look forward to you coming back to the Lomography online magazine and share the next chapter of your journey! To see more works, follow Flypaper's Instagram @Flypaper41 ~

written by lavenderliao on 2021-04-29 #culture #people #places #tibet #lomography-cn800 #flypaper

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