Around the World in Analogue: A Safe Haven in Madeira Park


For nature lovers, heaven may be at arm's reach in the peaceful area that is Madeira Park. Located in British Columbia, Madeira Park is one of the favored spots for the locals to enjoy the temperate climate. The area is known for its several outdoor activity hubs and reactional areas. But what makes Madeira extra special is the spectacular views it offers. The scenic forestry, coast, and mountains make it also a favorite spot for Lomographers such as troch. Check out their visit to Madeira this springtime with their cross-processed photos.

Credits: troch

Madeira Park is a small community that serves as a social and business hub for the surrounding area of the Sunshine Coast, about 20 minutes away from my home. It is located on Pender Harbor and has all of the essentials: a large grocery store, a liquor store, a post office, multiple small restaurants and bars, other businesses, a community center, a golf course, etc. There are also several parks in the area with hiking trails.

This is a quiet little area that does very much depends on the tourism industry, meaning that it is usually busy in the summer. Covid-19 has definitely reduced the number of visitors. I fell in love with this area when I first visited. I have never changed my opinion that it is paradise.

The Francis Point Provincial Park is one of my favorites, with heavy forest, windswept coastal vistas, and some amazing arbutus trees. Pender Hill and Mount Daniel hiking trails both offer spectacular views from the top. I also love the many marinas, but particularly Whiskey Slough.

Credits: troch

Budabing Burgers is a food truck nestled between the IGA mall and the community center. It attracts locals and visitors alike.

You will need a car to explore the area as there is no public transportation here. You really should have several days to explore and take advantage of boat tours, hiking, and kayaking.

The pandemic really hasn't affected me all that much. I am a hermit by nature and live at the edge of civilization here in my fortress of solitude. I develop and scan all of my own film and my favorite photo store, Beau Photo in Vancouver is happy to ship the supplies I need. As always, I am busy with my garden, my gallery, and photography.

Credits: troch

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    Pretty <3

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    yay, troch!

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    A posamt, a liquor store, one day we'll come to visit! @troch ;-)

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    I think that i am still able to walk in from the mail box. Enjoy your paradise

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