Color, Clarity, Composition — a Photo Gallery by @giardinieremanolo


We've come to learn a thing or two in the years that we've been featuring photographers in the Magazine. One is that there's always a new talent to be found if you look hard enough. And another is that our community is filled with skilled photographers that can open gallery shows anytime should they wish it.

Credits: giardinieremanolo

One of these photographers is @giardinieremanolo from Rome, Italy. His Lomohome is full of clean and crisp shots that beg for close attention. You can spend minute after minute admiring the details and the colors present in every frame. He spends time paying attention to these things so that you also do too when you look at his work. Composition is also something to take note of when you look at his photographs. He plays with perspective and ratios so well that we imagine him seeing things in grids in his mind. Great work needs to recognized and shared with many. Well done, @giardinieremanolo.

Credits: giardinieremanolo

Follow him on his Lomohome to see more of his work.

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