Purple by the Sea — a Photo Gallery by @chloemaly

We've seen a lot of photos taken with the LomoChrome Purple but we still get surprised whenever we see great photos taken with it get uploaded to our growing analogue album.

Credits: chloemaly

A case in point is this set of portraits taken by community member @chloemaly. We're just digging the colors and vibe of these shots! We love how you can see the varying colors of the LomoChrome Purple in each image. You can also notice the range of the film as the shots also have different lighting conditions—showcasing the shades of purple as you browse through them. Great job with this shoot, @chloemaly!

That double exposure shot by the sea is just sweet!

Credits: chloemaly

Follow @chloemaly to see more of her work.

written by cheeo on 2021-09-16 #people #photo-gallery #portraits #lomochrome-purple #chloemaly

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