Josen Chen: Shooting with the Most Interesting Film, the Lomography Color Tiger 110

The pocket format camera and film are some of the easiest mediums to fix yourself a simple and consistent analogue routine. Photographer Josen Chen shares his experience with the bright and roaring Lomography Color Tiger 110 and shares his own approach with the format.

©Josen Chen | Lomography Color Tiger 110

Hi Josen! Introduce yourself to everyone!

Hi, everyone, my name is Josen Chen. I am now a copywriter for a public relations company, and before that I was a sports photographer.

What are your expectations for your photography?

Besides recording daily life, I expect my photography to have some kind of artistic function, at least to be able to achieve the ability to “express emotions in appropriate forms”.

©Josen Chen | Lomography Color Tiger 110

how does the 110 format and other formats differentiate from each other in your routine?

The 110 cameras are light and easy to carry. When I am shooting, I will self-suggest: I’m shooting the most interesting 110 film, and I must press the shutter when it is interesting.

©Josen Chen | Lomography Color Tiger 110

Are there any tips you can share when using a 110 camera?

I have two tips: 1. Understand the flash parameters of your camera, and 2. Find a reliable lab.

What are you planning next?

The original plan was to return to Tsingtao. Now that the pandemic is surging again, it may have to be postponed.

©Josen Chen | Lomography Color Tiger 110

Thanks for sharing, and I am looking forward to your more exciting works in the future! For more Josen's wonderful works, please follow his Weibo account, @-云生-.

written by 2k on 2021-09-20

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