Around the World in Analogue: Infinite Scenes of Taiwan

When it comes to both the popular and under-the-radar destinations in Taiwan, no one knows the country better than Lomographer Jeifong, a.k.a. @fong2k. The Taiwanese photographer dedicates his entire photographic adventure to discovering and capturing the country in its full glory — from the busy capital of Taipei, the scenic county of Yilan, the ever-growing metropolis of Taoyuan to the immersive locality of Taichung. Let Jeifong take you in an extensive and colorful adventure through his words and film photographs.

Credits: fong2k

Firstly, because Taiwan is an island country, entering Taiwan especially nowadays requires strict isolation in an isolation hotel for 14 days. After that, you can travel freely in Taiwan, but you still need to comply with the pandemic prevention guidelines published by Taiwan's CCD.

Taiwanese people strictly cooperate with the government to prevent the pandemic. Wear a mask when you go out and maintain a safe distance. Because of this, basically, Taiwan can maintain a normal life despite the raging pandemic.

Credits: fong2k

Taipei is a city that looks old. The old and the new coexist. Although it is old, it is clean. There are often unexpected surprises on every corner of the streets. When you look at the new high-rise buildings, there may be a temple full of incense next to it. The bicycle paths of the Danshui River and Keelung River are recommended for foreign tourists to rent YouBike to explore. Every stop of the Red Line MRT has interesting streets to explore. Chifeng Street is one of the places where Taipei photographers like to go for pictures.

That said, my favorite aspects of Taiwan are the mountains, the sea, the old streets, and Taiwan’s diverse ethnic culture and history. You’d love those too.

Credits: fong2k

Try out some food like Din Tai Fung, TKK fried chicken, spicy hot pot. There is also a snack found on the roadside, Taiwanese will be happy to give you his recommended pocket list. Of course there’s also the night market.

Life goes on, and photography is my life. I plan to freely shoot and record the current situation in Taiwan and Taipei.

Credits: fong2k

Visit Jeifong’s LomoHome for more of his travels and adventures in Taiwan.

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