LomoChrome Love: Some Notes on the Turquoise, Purple, and Metropolis


Turquoise, Purple, Metropolis—the LomoChrome Films of a creative photographer's analogue dreams. And just like a dream, they seem to be ephemeral and gone before you know it! Once in a while, some rolls show up in our shop, and everyone's quick on their feet to stock up on their favorites. Here, some of the most talented photographers with different styles share their fondness for our colorshifting films.

LomoChrome Turquoise

To me, the LomoChrome Turquoise is a roll of hot summer heat. The way it turns the bright blue summer sky to a delicious orange, oh my days- I love it! So, so, sooo beautiful! - Kate Hook
Credits: Kate Hook
LomoChrome Turquoise XR 100-400 is as fun and amazing as I had hoped even with my mistakes. It has amazing potential both shot regularly or very heavily overexposed as redscale type films, beyond what you would think you’d get out of it. - Robn Kester
Credits: alienmeatsack
Perhaps it's not the first film that comes into one’s mind when you think of vibrant autumn colors, but I hoped that the special tones and character of this emulsion would add a nice surreal touch to this fairytale landscape. And I must say, I am more than happy with the results. - Clemens Maurer
Credits: fruchtzwerg_hh

LomoChrome Metropolis

The greens get a slight golden shimmer, and the desaturation gives a calm, melancholic feeling. For me, the film offers a great change to the rather psychedelic, excited LomoChrome Purple. - Pia Reschberger
Credits: piareschberger
The Metropolis film was really fun to work with because of its specific, unique aesthetic that challenged me as a photographer and pushed me outside of my comfort zone visually. It made me a lot more conscious of all the visual components in play — the colors, styling, lines, etc — in translation with the tonal quality of the film. It brought a really interesting and moody feel to my images that I don't usually have, but I love it! - Zayira Ray
Credits: Zayira Ray
The LomoChrome Metropolis is an extremely desaturated and high-contrast film, which I think you have to deal with very consciously. It is radically different from 'mainstream' colour films, and that's what makes it so appealing. A different look, out of the ordinary. I especially like the strong contrast. - Max Brucker
Credits: Max Brucker

LomoChrome Purple

My favorite thing about working with LomoChrome Purple was learning what would flip to another color, and what wouldn't. Conceptual work like this is exactly what I'm planning to spend a majority of my life creating. - Linus Johnson
Credits: Linus Johnson with Model Mariela Ferreria
Using this kind of film makes you explore even more unknown territories of analogue. It can be irritating when we don't manage to get the expected results but it's very pleasing when the photos go way beyond what we imagined. - Tom Marie
Credits: Tom Marie
My favorite thing is how it completely changes the reality of a scene. I always shoot with a roll of Lomochrome in one camera, and a roll of normal-color film in another. It's exciting, because I feel like I'm shooting in two different worlds. Thinking about how certain scenes look after a color change is something I do constantly. I wish I could wear Lomochrome glasses. - Hayden Williams
Credits: Hayden Williams

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