Film Photography Stories: Life in a Fast Pace


What's amazing with photography is how we can recreate life and experiences in a snapshot. Things we don't usually notice become insightful details that tell us about our human condition. In this gallery, we selected some photographs from the entire Lomography Community to get a glimpse of what a busy life can look like. With techniques such as panning and long exposure, you can also visualize and manifest this theme into your photography.

Credits: shotaedu1022

Perhaps, nothing conveys a fast-moving life more accurately than your daily routine and commute. Your speeding walk towards the metro and the passing of a bullet train are scenes that you're more than acquainted with. Whether you've noticed it or not, these images are already integrated into you.

A tip to the photographer: depending on whether you're in motion or not, you can core create similar shots with the panning technique. Don’t be too disappointed if you went slightly out of focus with the subject — the key is to create the lines of motion.

Credits: oukrid, robertofiuza, mmax & mazvydasprokopovic

Sometimes life just becomes this one huge abstract blur. When you're operating life at a high speed, it's as if there's nothing but colors and lines. It's comforting, in a way, especially when so many thoughts are already rushing through your mind.

A tip to the photographer: use a color negative film to create extra surreal imagery.

Credits: ale2000, bugpowders & bird-in-the-storm

And sometimes, it has also come to a point when you perceive anything that’s moving as just passing ghosts and entities — usually when you’re experiencing a headache when returning home. It’s haunting and cool at the same time.

A tip to the photographer: head over to crowded places and use the long exposure technique for these images. The longer the shutter is open, the more pronounced these passing movements of people will appear.

Credits: smssms, masha_njam & cemreonerturk

How does a busy day for you look like when captured on film? Share them with us and upload your photos to your LomoHomes.

written by cielsan on 2022-01-23 #culture #tutorials #long-exposure #panning

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