Tipster: Light the Sky with Thousands of Colors


Across the world, there are many ways to celebrate the end of the year. Every major city in each continent gives its best in shooting displays of fireworks in the sky. It is a widespread tradition on New Year's Eve since the Chinese invented fireworks and amazed the eyes of millions with their pyrotechnics; our noses turn up in the air, mesmerized.

With this gallery, we want to celebrate with our Lomography Community at the end of 2021 and wish you a sparkling and exciting New Year ahead of you. So let's get ready to shoot at night and for the long enchanted lights of the fireworks. We'll go through how to achieve the perfect exposure drawn by the colorful flames.

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The Essentials

What kind of film you will carry with you will determine the shutter speed and the aperture you set on your camera. The general rule: the higher the ISO, the more light you will get. But even with a medium ISO film like the Lomography Color Negative 400 you can still capture a great deal of light, especially when the night sky is lit with colorful fireworks.

When shooting long exposures, the most important thing to remember is to have your tripod with you. Without the tripod, you won't have enough stability during your 15s-to-30s exposure.

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Some Extra Tips

Another crucial tool to get a good result is the shutter release. For as stable you think you might be, your body is always a bit shaky, especially during the cold winter nights. The shutter release will avoid your hands shake and the long exposure is under control.

If you want to get your friends or family in the image, we suggest using the flash. When you press your shutter, it will flash as soon as you hit the button; the light burst will freeze your subject, and the prolonged opening of the shutter will allow recording the long lights in the background. Lomography's Fritz the Blitz 2.0 will come in handy for your overall photography gear as it is compatible with any camera that has a hot shoe and tripod thread.

Credits: seasom, gupree & mirschandhismachines

Get Funky

Since you have your film camera with you, why not get experimental? Try some double exposures or different shutter times and see what your film will record. If the celebration gets to you, don't worry about anything; just keep on shooting, and you will have some fun time. In the end, that's all that matters.

Credits: jhunnie, sanskrit, aswinsco & kokakoo

Most importantly, we wish that all of your analogue dreams come true for this New Year. May your picture reflect the happiest moments and the wildest adventure; may they record what matters to you and what you hold dear, for as they are, the memories we collect.

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