XiaYan's Large-Format Diary with the LomoGraflok 4×5 Instant Back


The ​​Lomography Community is a gathering of masters, and photographer XiaYan is one of them. After sharing with us a multiple-exposure shot with the LomoGraflok 4×5 Instant Back, we unraveled more about the artist and his wonderfully creative ways with instant photography. Here we introduce to you, XiaYan!

© XiaYan

Hello XiaYan, say hello to everyone!

Hi, everyone, I’m XiaYan, a product photographer, and a UP on Bilbili. I am very happy to get in touch with Lomography and its Community.

First, how are you and what kind of work are you doing now?

I am a product photographer. I first encountered film in my sophomore year in 2013, used my father's Seagull df1 and took a roll of C200.

© XiaYan | LomoGraflock 4x5 Instant Back

There are many formats in film, with 35 mm being the most used. Why choose large-format photography?

Once a university teacher showed me a large-format film and I was instantly overwhelmed by the details of the large-format film.

What did you thinkl about the LomoGraflok Instant Back?

Its operation is very close to the usual logic of shooting large-format, so it is not difficult to get familiar with it. The counter and the lock to prevent accidental touch are also very intimate. It is really a great product.

© XiaYan | LomoGraflock 4x5 Instant Back

Do you have any tips you'd want to share with the Community when using the LomoGraflok?

Limited by the latitude of the instant paper, try to shoot under the sunlight as much as possible, and the color will appear bluish-green under the LED light. Avoid shooting black clothes and objects, as blacks easily lose other photo details. It is recommended that the exposure time be doubled in bulb B.

What's next for XiaYan?

I will try to use LomoGraflok to shoot food photography. After that, I would love to try a Lomography film.

© XiaYan | LomoGraflock 4x5 Instant Back

Thank you for sharing, XiaYan. To view more of XiaYan's works, you can follow his Weibo page: Fahrenheit68.

written by 2k on 2022-01-11 #people #instant-photography #lomograflok

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  1. jonography
    jonography ·

    Fantastic creative images.

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    These images look really amazing!!

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