Making Your Creative Resolutions and Goals Work For You

Another year, another article telling you that you should start making New Year's resolutions or goals. Most people find it corny or pointless, especially if nothing ever follows through. When this happens, it just makes you feel bad about yourself, so why bother?

As someone who has broken a lot of these resolutions, I understand such sentiments. But to be honest, I keep making them anyway because it makes me feel good and responsible. It's the new year, and I have plans! I have a lot of ideas and things to do! Then I wake up and it's mid-year, and I haven't started anything. I definitely did not like the feeling.

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When the pandemic hit two years ago, losing confidence and inspiration was understandable. That was my legit "excuse" for not getting things done. But when the second year rolled by, I knew I couldn't be making that excuse again. I needed to find a way to adapt to the situation, no matter how disconcerting it is.

Here are some tips that might help—some of these worked for me somehow. Good luck!

Revisit Your Old Resolutions

Do you still remember your previous resolutions or goals? Or maybe you've kept your to-do lists from the past few years? Dig them out and review them. Evaluate what you wrote—if there is a recurring idea among your lists, then it probably means that: a) you REALLY want to do it, or b) maybe you need to update that goal. Have you been writing, "Make a photo zine" all these years? You can either focus on that and forget about making new ones or modify the idea according to your current moods and preferences.

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Announce Your Plans

Someone once told me that announcing your plans usually jinxes the plan. But think of it this way—telling your partner, a close friend, or a family member about a particular plan holds you accountable for your words and future actions. Just don't get annoyed if someone checks you up on it!

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Do a Regular Check

Making a list of resolutions doesn't mean you have to accomplish everything all at once. But it will help to check the list regularly to see if there are things that you still want to pursue, ideas that you feel like modifying or dropping altogether. It's okay to change your mind. Alter them as you wish, but remember that execution should follow.

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Be Open To Collaborations

If you're the type of person who, for some reason, is unable to jumpstart anything, then maybe a collaboration will work for you! Some people perform better when someone is in charge. Consider making plans with a person you trust to take the lead, like a friend who shares similar goals as yours. You can work together on finally making that photo book happen—one of you can be the editor or curator or it can be a joint project. It will be very fulfilling—you get to finish a goal and help someone accomplish theirs, too.

Any tips that you'd like to share? Comment them below!

written by shhquiet on 2022-01-14 #new-year #goals #creative-block

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