Double The Fun with Garry Quickfall and the LC-A 120


Garry Quickfall is based in the north of the UK and has been shooting with film for around 10 years. He has managed to perfect the analogue look using slide films and experimenting with double exposures and Splitzer shots. His latest series were taken using the LC-A 120 and he has managed to create some stunning results with a serious pop of color throughout.

Hi Garry, please tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Garry Quickfall from Grimsby U.K and I have been shooting film with for around 10 years now.

How did you get into photographing with film?

I got into shooting film when I stumbled upon Lomography's site one day and was amazed by all the photo’s on there by members of the community. Especially cross-processed style photos!

What makes you decide to use medium format film and how does it differ from other film formats?

I like shooting with slide film mostly and also the LomoChrome Purple. Multiple exposure photography with the LC-A+ and endless panoramic shots with the LC-Wide are my favorites, also I like to use the Sprocket Rocket now and again!

How do you get on with the Lomography 120 film, any favorites?

Recently though I bought an LC-A 120 so I use that quite a bit now. I just like the square format style and it’s really good for long exposures and multiple exposures.

All the Lomography 120 films work great in this camera Xpro 200, Purple, Redscale, Earl Grey, etc, the only one I’ve not tried is the LomoChrome Turquoise, but I’m looking forward to trying some out soon!

What is your favorite thing about the LCA120?

It really is a cool camera and whatever you see in the viewfinder is what you're going to get in the photo, guaranteed!

to see more of Gaz's photos visit his LomoHome and Instagram page.

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