The Wandering Lens of @n1kusha

No, you're not on the travel stories page of National Geographic, though it may feel like it. What you're looking at are the wonderful captures of Lomographer @n1kusha taken from her trips to Dagestan and Abkhazia.

Credits: n1kusha

@n1kusha captured these breath-taking scenic shots mainly with a Konica Hexar AF with the Mamiya 645 and Canon EOS 55 as supporting cameras. Every camera is an interesting choice when you're aiming to encapsulate the vastness of the world with small photographic tools. The extreme weather, difficulty of the journey, and the overwhelming feeling of being just a speck in the grand scheme of things are a few things that we imagine @n1kusha had to overcome to share these shots with us.

Dagestan is known for its majestic mountain ranges and its cultural diversity. Various chivalric tribes make their homes in the mountains known as auls or small villages filled with stone houses. The beauty of the Dagestan is rivaled only by the hospitality of its peoples. Part of their chivalric culture includes helping guests in their home country to the best of their abilities.

Abkhazia (or Abkhaziya) shares the Caucasus mountain ranges. Like Dagestan, it has snow-capped mountains that has attracted tourists from different places all over the world. Abkhazia also has majestic lakes, sandy beaches, and caves that add to its tremendous natural beauty. However armed conflict and political troubles has prevented tourism to fully flourish in the unrecognized country.

Credits: n1kusha

We encountered a mixture of feelings as we browsed through @n1kusha's still fresh albums—with admiration and gratitude being on the top of the list. It's not often you see these kinds of shots, especially in film photographs, that are so well-composed and perfectly captured. We are happy to see that there's still room for film photography even in the most obscure places.

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