The Coolest, Strangest, Most Wonderful Mirror Selfies Found in the LomoHome Wilderness


Ah, mirror selfies. For many film photographers, Lomographers especially, mirror selfies aren’t just going to be simple snapshots of a moment. Given their explorative nature, expect these self-portraits to be either an expression of various moods, a way to test out a trick, play with their reflections and surroundings, or subtly show pride in their cool, cool cameras.

In celebration of the National Camera Day we scoured LomoHomes old and new for this little LomoWall of some of the coolest, most mind-boggling, jaw-dropping film selfies we could find. The ones that made us go awww and ooohhh. Enjoy!

Credits: sobetion, adi_totp, jonheslop, champi, why-yu, orangebird, u-t-e, systemdevice, neneohcs, kerosin, neja, bububu, fidannazimqizi, dielehmanns, donnymcavenue, drudolph & mizzfonky

To all lovely Lomographers, happy National Camera Day and keep going wild with those selfies! And keep sharing them in your LomoHomes – we love to see them!

written by sylvann on 2022-06-29 #culture #people #gallery #self-portrait #selfie-on-film #national-camera-day #mirror-selfies


  1. neja
    neja ·

    ohhh, thanks for featuring one of my fav selfies!

  2. sylvann
    sylvann ·

    @neja It's wonderful! Thank you :)

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