@Untel Creates Surreal Scenes With Lomography Redscale and the Lomo LC-A+


French Lomographer Thierry (aka @untel) has a ton of spectacular and experimental photos on his LomoHome, often achieved with the help of his trusty Lomo LC-A+. We’re especially blown away by his album of redscale images taken with the Lomography Redscale XR 35 mm ISO 50–200 film. Here you will see a dazzling combination of mind-bending multiple exposures, dynamic landscapes and creative compositions.

Credits: untel

Thierry describes himself as “a man with a tidy life.” He finds his enjoyment in simple but rewarding hobbies such as gardening, punk rock, literature, and of course alternative photography. He grew up during the analogue era, so it might be easy to assume that his mastery of the craft has come from decades of practice, but in fact like many Lomographers, Thierry took the long way around to finding film.

“I had some experiences with film a very, very, long time ago. My first pictures were made with a 110 toy camera when I was a child! I still have the camera and used it with a Lomography Lobster film a few years ago. But I really came to photography in the early 2000s with digital, and then finally film again around 2015.
Credits: untel
“I wasn’t really interested [in film] at first and even a little reluctant due to the relative complexity of the process versus digital. But I thought I was missing something. So I bought an old Pentax MX and joined a workshop, one of the several night classes organized by the city of Paris.”

Like many of us, Thierry spends most of his days in front of a computer screen, and he had a deep desire to spend time away from the digital world and make something practical. As he puts it, “I need 'material' activities!”

Film photography provided Thierry with this escape from digital life, and little by little he also began to also discover alternative processes and ways to experiment further with film.

“The workshop has been the beginning of a gradual evolution of my practice. Now I get more satisfaction with analogue. Of course, the purpose is not to do ‘good old days academic film photography’, nor pure analogue. I don’t care about purism.”
Credits: untel

Thierry is especially adept when it comes to the art of making double exposures. These examples using the Lomo LC-A+ and Lomography Redscale are masterfully executed, creating images that are both beautiful and uncanny in equal measure.

“I’m happy when a double exposure works well, like this (below left). Or when I obtain a nice graphical image like this (below right). My orientation is to create special atmospheres, something surreal or dreamlike. I’m getting even closer to that with my first try of the Fantome Kino ISO 8. It could be the first step of a longer term project.”
Credits: untel

When we asked about his affinity for the Lomo LC-A+, Thierry had this to say:

“This camera has lots of benefits: small, lightweight, more robust than you might think, easy to use like any other point and shoot… and the flaws of it’s optics are actually features because they make its personality.
Another good point is the MX switch, I also have an original russian version but I miss this magical function. I use other gear when I need other focal lengths or a better control, but the LC-A+ is the one that’s always in my pocket/bag.”
Credits: untel

For Thierry, experimentation is at the heart of his love for analogue photography. The freedom of creativity offered by film is what keeps him exploring with this medium of image making. He is constantly trying new films and shooting techniques, but has also branched out into alternative processes including cyanotypes and Van Dyke brown printing. He told us how he has learned to use large format cameras and has even tried wet plate photography.

“Learning things, trying things, surprises, accidents. A great part of the fun is there. Sometimes I push the experience further, sometimes not, or I keep for later. My next steps if I find the time will be film soups, and lith printing.”

We praise Thierry’s Lomographic spirit of experimentation and can’t wait to see what he does next!

Thank you Thierry for sharing your photography and insights with us. To see more of his photos follow him at his LomoHome and Instagram.

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