Molly Kate's First Impressions of the new LomoChrome Color ’92 ISO 400 35 mm Film


Analogue photography fanatic Molly Kate has tried out a lot of film over the years and has an expert eye for a good emulsion, so we asked her to test out the new LomoChrome Color ’92 ISO 400 35 mm film which she took out to the streets of Cardiff, Wales. She talked to us about the results and her hopes and dreams for the future of film.

Photos by Molly Kate

Hi Molly, why did you choose this setting to test our new LomoChrome Color ’92 ISO 400 Film ?

I wanted to have as many people in the photographs as possible so I took the film out to central Cardiff to capture some street action. Often my aim of street shooting is to find interesting light, or colors, or scenes and then see if people fit well into that scene.

The other benefit of the street is that many different scenarios can be tested with the film. Light, shadow, objects, people, nature, buildings, the city has everything. I also saved a few frames for spontaneous portraits too!

Photos by Molly Kate

How would you describe the look of this film?

It seems to have an overtone of cool with ever so slight desaturation and deep reds. I would say it is true to life colors with a flexible latitude.

How do you feel about a new color negative film being on the market?

It's awesome! There have been a lot of businesses trying to aid with the color film shortage and price increases in the past couple years. The more color film on the market, the better. It gives photographers more options which is great.

Photos by Molly Kate

What do you think is the perfect situation for shooting this film?

The film itself looks great in multiple scenarios, but it shines for me in contrasty scenes or with flash. I love how it treats buildings, whether in the sun or shade, and think it would be perfect for an urban environment or architectural images on a sunny day. My favorite image is of the street portrait of the man smoking. The latitude handles the high contrast really well.

Which camera did you use with this film?

I used the Canon Rebel K2 with a 50 mm F1.8 EOS lens. It’s a great camera and a beautiful lens!

Photos by Molly Kate

What are your hopes for the future of film photography?

It would be great to see film photography continue to thrive, innovate, and expand to new members. Economically, I hope to see a larger variety of manufacturers producing color films so that the industry does not rely so much on one main manufacturer, which can be precarious. We have seen Adox and Orwo recently come in to take on producing color film from scratch and I hope they don’t stop. It has to be viable for them of course.

I also hope that more ways are researched and implemented to make the industry more environmentally friendly because as we all know, much of the process and chemicals are not good for the Earth (which includes us). This is the biggest thing I struggle with internally with film photography – reconciling my love for it with my desire to live more sustainably. There are a few things like developing with Caffenol, but on a larger scale I hope that the industry continues to explore ways to lower the environmental impact.

Follow Molly on her Instagram page and check out her Youtube channel as well.

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