Recap: Photography Foundation Photowalk with Dan Rubin


Last month The Photography Foundation hosted a photowalk in Greenwich, London with photographer Dan Rubin and documented the event using a Lomo LC-Wide and Lomo LC-A 120 camera. The founders of the Photography Foundation talked to us about the charity and why learning platforms like theirs offer vital support for less advantaged individuals.

Hello, please tell us a bit about The Photography Foundation?

Hello Lomography! The Photography Foundation was founded in late 2019 by Dom and Mike who have a mixed background in photography, film and philanthropy and is spearheaded by our amazing Head of Foundation Bella, and all made possible by the dream team Conal, Etienne, Gian, Lewis, Sadie, Shea-Anne and Shilo. You can find out more about us on our site.

As a charity/social enterprise we create pathways to professional photography careers for less advantaged young adults in London through education and work experience, valuing talent and motivation over who you know or where you come from. We use photography as a conduit for social change, community connections and positive social interactions. We promote the art of photography, bringing photography to a new, wider and more diverse audience.

Photos by Shilonite Simon-Mathurin

What made you start this organisation?

We’d been chatting for a while about doing a project that was fulfilling - my love of photography and my ire at the ‘catch 22’ world of work experience combined with Mike’s involvements in charity and philanthropy led us down the combined social enterprise route.

We are keen to show the concept of profit-for-good can work just as well as the more traditional charity setup and to offer people from less advantaged backgrounds the chance to bridge the opportunity gap that exists depending on a person’s options and/or finances. Photography, aside from being a passion of both of ours, seemed a perfect gateway into learning skills that can be used to improve a person’s chances going forwards.

Photos by Sadie Gains

How has it helped and impacted your students?

We’re really proud of the impact so far – all our trainees work so hard and put in enormous effort on what can be a challenging time. We ask a lot of them but in return we’ve seen great results with graduates going on to assist full time at renowned studios like “Spring” and “Big Sky”, gain apprentice placements at the BBC, curate at the TATE as well as begin successful freelance photography careers across the industry – just to name a few!

Photos by Sadie Gains & Shilonite Simon-Mathurin

Tell us about the walk and how you got on documenting it with the Lomo LC-Wide and Lomo LC-A 120?

Documenting the photo walk on the LC-Wide and LC-A 120 was amazing. It really allowed us to tap into our imagination and creativity as we wouldn’t see the images straight away (that really added to the fun!) Knowing that we played around a lot with the composition of our shots as well as some of the camera functionalities, such as the double exposure on the LC-A 120.

We were lucky to be joined by photographer Dan Rubin, who really added to the encouragement of taking in all of the colors, textures and shapes available around the Design District and Greenwich Peninsula. The variety we had throughout the walk was really great to capture, from the man-made buildings to the Greenwich Pier and some nature alongside that, to even dogs passing by on our route.

The photo walk and shooting on these cameras allowed us to slow down and just have some experimental fun with taking images. We enjoyed the company of our community, growing our connections and letting our imaginations run wild through the imagery we all produced.

Photos by Sadie Gains

What's coming up in 2023?

We are really looking forward to all the amazing things coming up at TPF this year. In spring, we will be welcoming our 5th cohort of trainees, which we are extremely excited about! We also have lots of valuable talks, workshops and a few exhibitions coming up for our community to tap into to grow their photographic knowledge and networks too. To know when these events are happening, we really recommend signing up for our newsletter and following us on Instagram.

Find our more about The Photography Foundation at their website and follow them on Instagram to keep updated on their events and projects.

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