Transcendental States of Color with Rebecca Harris and the LomoChrome Purple 35 mm Film


Artist and musician Rebecca Harris is no stranger to analogue photography, having tested out the LC-A 120 during her stay in West Wales. Now she is back after recording some new songs for her band Samana in the south of France. During her stay she documented her surroundings with the LomoChrome Purple 35 mm film and talked to us about how the results from this color-shifting film mirrored her experiences on this trip.

Photos by Rebecca Rose Harris

Hi Rebecca, how have you been since we last spoke?

It’s been a beautifully busy and productive time for Samana. We very recently released a new single called ‘Seven Years’, accompanied by an analogue Super 8 video. The song is a reverie, representative of a metaphysical dawn. The soft expansion of instrumentation kindles the light that dispels the stars and parts the darkness with the first illumination of an emerging day, palleting the music with transcendental hues of a deep longing. It encapsulates contemplation, introspection and reflection. A coalescence of an infinite darkness and an emerging light, ‘Seven Years’ softly transmits the dialogue between the self and a landscape; of memories stores in distant places.

Seven Years lies alongside Two Wrongs, the first song to have been released last October, and Into the Wild and The Preselis, all of which feature on our up-coming EP ‘Dharma’ - out on the 26th May on our own record label, The Road Records. We’re preparing to go on tour this June and are also in the process of making plans for our third album which includes a road trip across the UK, visiting a selection of the most sacred neolithic sites of ritualistic and spiritual worship.

Photos by Rebecca Rose Harris

Tell us about these photos. What's the story behind them?

These photographs were captured in the rural remoteness of Southern France during a Spring residency we spent writing and recording new material for Samana. When we weren’t immersed in poetry and music, we spent a lot of time disappearing into the vast expanses of oak forests surrounding the house, swimming in the rivers and lakes and exploring the streets that overlooked the ruins of castles and rooftops of beautiful, historical villages. So much of our time was spent observing and walking, lost inside the serenity of deep thought and in the tide of inspiration. These images became an extension of this pace; an amalgamation of all the moments in-between.

Photos by Rebecca Rose Harris

What made you want to choose the LomoChrome Purple for these shots?

I have always been interested to experiment with the LomoChrome Purple film as its experimental nature is so alluring to me, particularly the ability to alter perception through the inversion of color. Seeing as a large proportion of our work as Samana, and my personal work as Rebecca Rose Harris centers around liminal states of consciousness, this film felt to me, a form of magic, as if picking up on something other. It brought about a spectral, metaphorical depiction of the creative process itself, through the transformation of something tangible that lies before you, turning it into something abstract that bears little resemblance to its origin. Throughout our time in France, we entered these transcendental states of consciousness through music and poetry that would often be pursued until the early hours of morning. This film felt to mirror the quality of this essence.

Photos by Rebecca Rose Harris

What gear and locations did you choose?

I used an old Canon camera that my mother took around the world before she gifted it to me. The locations were those that we discovered whilst hiking through the nature that surrounded us at that time.

How did you find the results?

I absolutely love the results. The scans of the negatives filled me with a sparkling sensation. They obtain an almost dreamlike quality that I am enamoured with. I shall definitely be using the LomoChrome Purple film again.

For more information about Rebecca's work visit her website and find out more about Samana here.

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