A Natural Light Approach with Clara Morisson


Clara Morisson was living in London when she discovered the famous Lomography Soho Store, a place that helped her to foster a new found curiosity in film photography. Since then Clara has been traveling the globe and documenting her journey with film. We talked to her about exploring the thing she loves in life and following her dreams.

Photos by Clara Morisson

Hi Clara, please tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm Miss Morisson In The House, aka Clara Morisson, an independent travel photographer and owner of Miss Morisson Shop - a small, independent and eco friendly travel shop where I sell my art for living and to keep exploring the world. I also try to encourage travelers to keep exploring with responsibility.

I got a degree in Advertising back to 2008 and I've been Dublin based since 2014. I'm 37 years old and I've studied photography in London where I discovered analogue photography. But I've also lived in Brazil (I'm Brazilian), USA and Spain. I'm natural light photographer focused on traveling, nature, art and lifestyle. In love with composition, colors and textures. I have a huge urban/vintage influence.

I also used to be a digital photographer but since Covid I've started my transition back to film photography. I've collaborated with some photo exhibitions and art installations around Dublin. My first exhibition was held in São Paulo in 2012. And I collaborated with Lomography Brazil for a short period when living in Brazil. I'm just a dreamer working hard to spread my art and talent around!

Photos by Clara Morisson

When did you first start shooting with film?

I started shooting film in 2011 when I studied photography at Central Saint Martins, in London, with focus on analogue photography. Since then I haven't been able to stop photographing and traveling, and Lomography was my first contact with the analogue world. I used to go to the Lomography store at the Carnaby Street to buy my films. My first camera was bought there. I used to develop all my films there too. Some of them you can see here. And I was selling hotdogs, burgers and beers at the Tottenham's stadium in between. Good times.

I realized I love film photography when I moved back to Brazil and I couldn't afford it anymore. So I became a digital photographer. After a year working as an assistant in a fashion and advertisement studio plus another year working as a studio coordinator I realized I didn't want to do that for living. I mean studio photography, that's definitely not for me. As I said before I'm a natural light photographer and I love the real photos. My focus is to keep it as real as possible. So I had to create my own style.

Photos by Clara Morisson

What's your favorite Lomography camera to shoot with and why?

The Fisheye is my favorite! It was also my first analogue camera ever. It has such a strong personality, like my photos. It's the perfect match for Miss Morisson In The House vibes.

What tips and tricks would you give to someone wanting to try out some of our cameras or film?

Go for it! If you are looking for a camera to document your trip? Go for the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera. If you want cool shoots, definitely go for the Fisheye or for the SuperSampler camera. At the moment my favorite films are Lady Grey and LomoChrome Purple. Give them a try. And my favorite ISO to shoot is ISO 400. It works well on both sunny and cloudy days. I believe you somehow have to start as photography gives you so many possibilities to create. And my last tip – think outside of the box! Keep exploring and following your dreams.

Photos by Clara Morisson

To see more of Clara's work visit her Instagram page.

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