Making a Moment: Dede Dos and a Special Surf Photo on Expired Film

In our article series, Making a Moment, we’re asking photographers to share one of their favorite photos that they’ve taken. We want to know the story behind the final image and everything that went into making it.

Today we welcome Hideki Ito, (better known as @dede_dos) to share a special photo with us from a memorable day surfing with his son. Dede lives on the beautiful island of Okinawa, Japan, where he runs a small hotel. Whenever he gets the chance he is out in the ocean, surfing and taking stunning film photos, which you may have seen on his LomoHome. He tells us in the future he hopes to make a photobook with these images. When there are no waves he spends his free time making music.

Let’s hear Dede's thoughts on one of his favorite photos in his own words.

Credits: dede_dos

Dede Dos: Whenever I surf, I'm in the ocean with my favorite film camera, a Nikonos, on my shoulder, shooting local surfers while catching waves. It makes the experience twice as much fun. I especially love using expired film. The unexpected color changes are very exciting to me.

This photo was taken last summer when my son stood up on a board for the first time after starting surfing. Coincidentally, this photo was double-exposed with the scene when he stood up for the second time.

I used a Nikonos Ⅲ with expired Film. I don’t remember well which film I used, but it might have been Kodak Gold 100.

These accidents happen sometimes when using the Nikonos. Especially at the end of the roll, the film may not wind properly, resulting in multiple exposures. Now I also practice intentionally shooting multiple exposures in the sea with this camera.

This is my favorite photo because the orange color of the sunset and the color gradation from the double exposure are blended together in a very Lomography way I think. This kind of photo may be seen as a failure for others, but I love analogue lo-fi shots like this one. Even though I do want to learn a lot of photography techniques as well, for me photography is more about the atmosphere than the technique or resolution. Unpredictable and unexpected things make life (and photography) fun.

To see more of Hideki's photography be sure to follow his LomoHome. You can also listen to his music on Spotify.

In this series of articles we're asking you to share the story behind your favorite photo. Interested in being featured? Email with the subject line - Making a Moment.

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