A Family Adventure With A Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera


I had a crazy idea while my mother was visiting recently. I thought, what better way to have a fun activity together than shooting some film?

Who better than her, born during the glorious days of film, to embrace the spirit of analogue photography and record her adventure on 35 mm? So, I decided to give her a Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera loaded with a Lomography Color Negative 35 mm ISO 400 and no restrictions whatsoever.

Photo courtesy of ©Paola Rensovich

My only request was that whenever she wished to take a photo, instead of using her phone, she use the Simple Use Camera. I encouraged her to keep the camera in her hand and not be afraid of shooting.

The SUC is the perfect camera for this activity. It is light and straightforward to use. You only have to point and shoot. The absence of manual settings takes all the fear away. No worries about missing the right shutter speed and f-stops.

However, it is difficult not to be intimidated, even if the camera is so simple. The first fear is not feeling good enough for film. This is something we can all relate to; as we acknowledge that film is something so precious that we need to feel worthy of these golden rolls.

Photo courtesy of ©Paola Rensovich

But nothing is more worthy than our memories together. So once that little bug was out of the way, she soon got into the groove, and could not be stopped.

Overall the experience was pleasant and she got the chance to have a different sense of taking photos. The pocket size of the camera played a substantial role in making it enjoyable and fun.

One thing she noticed is that for people who wear glasses looking through the viewfinder was a bit challenging when it came to composing the picture as she wanted. But this only added a layer of entertainment to the overall experience, waiting to see how they had come out.

Photo courtesy of ©Paola Rensovich

Going back to shooting analogue was certainly a surprise in noticing how many things are left to chance: will my frame be correct? Is there a finger on the edge of that picture? Could I have taken it better? All of these factors only elevate the excitement to see the photos developed!

It is interesting to see how other people take a photo. One thing is for sure: two people can photograph the same scene and there will never be two identical pictures.

Would you ever try this experience with your parents? Share your adventure with the community!

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Simple Use Film Camera Color Negative 400

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  1. jolom
    jolom ·

    Great photos from your mom! I have done something similar with a few different relatives, as well as film swaps! Some of them were experienced with film (though hadn't touched it in years), and some were film newbies. It's been a lot of fun!

    Here is a film swap I did with my stepmom last year: www.lomography.com/homes/jolom/albums/2410682-another-famil…

  2. eparrino
    eparrino ·

    My mother thanks you for the compliment :) What a fun project must have been with your family! film swap is even more intricated! Nice idea! @jolom

  3. jolom
    jolom ·

    @eparrino Thanks! We've had fun with it. The trickiest part was managing the anxiety! In each of the projects, everyone was worried they would somehow "mess it up!" I tried to impart some Lomography Zen by encouraging them to let go and have fun.

  4. eparrino
    eparrino ·

    I know! The fear of mess up film is real! I wonder if it is because they can remember all the photo that used to come back burned, or pitch dark, or with fingers all over 😂

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