From the Archives: Five Analogue Experiments to Try Out


The Lomography Online Magazine hides a treasure trove of film resources in plain sight. Just looking up the term tipster would yield hundreds of tips and tricks shared by community members as recent as yesterday and as old as a decade and a half ago.

No matter when, these guides were made with love and pure curiosity for the craft, so we dove deep into the magazine's archives to bring you five experiments to try out and fire up your film hobby.

Fruits, Fungi, and Film—An Experiment by Clara Rodriguez

Credits: Clara Rodriguez

Don't throw your leftover fruits and veggies just yet, because this film soup experiment from Argentinian film photographer Clara Rodriguez might just inspire you to create something out of it! Clara makes use of organic ingredients to create funky film soups, fungus included.

On her process, she says in this 2021 interview:

"It is my kind of art and way of expression. I love all the mysticism it has, not knowing if you completely destroyed the film or if your pictures are going to show but also the effects sometimes have an air of intention as if I put them there on purpose and I think that's pure magic and I am always into magic."

5+1: Chiara Dondi Teaches us the Forgotten Art of Hand-Tinted Photography

Credits: Chiara Dondi

Have you been introduced to the forgotten art of hand-tinted photography? In this 2021 tipster, artist Chiara Dondi talked to us about the process and charm of painting on printed photographs. Combining two artistic mediums, this experiment surely proves how creative analogue photography can be.

Easy DIY Redscale Film

Credits: hodachrome

Shooting redscale has never been easier with the introduction of the Lomography Redscale XR. Still, if you're out for a DIY adventure then let LomoGuru Hodaka Yamamoto (@hodachrome) be your guide.

Let the Light Leak In

Credits: gotoarizona, roman_sekatsky & montagu

Now here's a risky but rewarding experiment! Light leaks are often considered a mistake in the analogue world, but definitely not in ours. This article explores the process and beauty of deliberately getting those light leaks to add more color and character to your images.

How to Make Lumen Prints

Credits: lomodesbro

If you're looking into alternative printing processes and camera-less photography, then lumen prints are definitely a must-try. This lumen print tutorial by community member Des Brough (@lomodesbro) gets into the nitty-gritty of making one, from preparing the materials to composing your prints.

The charm of lumen prints is in its history, hands-on process, and if you're interested in botany, its scientific aspects.

Which tipster would you like to try? Share it with us below!

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  1. rolfmg
    rolfmg ·

    Great article and impressive results, have myself tried to recover an old crafts to colour b&w prints with protein was a fashion in the 70ties just to accentuate an object with the dye. The prints by Chiara Dondi are breathtaking.....I shall continue with this craft!

  2. sylvann
    sylvann ·

    Very interesting, @rolfmg! Thank you for appreciating the article, we're excited to see your results! :)

  3. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro ·

    It is nice to be remembered. A tutorial update. Try the naked lumen print without fixing. The image can then be scanned or photographed. Otherwise the lumen print will gradually fade and disintegrate. A continual work in progress.

  4. sylvann
    sylvann ·

    Many thanks for the additional tips @lomodesbro! Glad you like the article! :)

  5. halurodeclara
    halurodeclara ·

    Oh wow, thank you so much!

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