How to Use your Lomo LC-A+ Instant Back


Two tips to make the most of the Fuji Instax film and avoid ruining a shot.

I’ll give you just two tips to use this great contraption:

Tip 1: all that crap about you being able to shoot doubles only with the LC-A+ is false: with the LC-A, you only have to shoot and turn the advance wheel. Expose the frame again, increase or reduce ASA speed, or close the diaphragm, et VôILÁ!. As simple as chorizo sandwich.

Tip 2: our trusty friend the flash can and must be used along with the Instant Back. The trouble is that we have to bear in mind the speed of the Fuji film ( 800 ASA). This high speed is OK for shooting in indoor badly-lit places, but the flash usually burns high lights and produces over-exposed and plain scenes.
You can work this out in two different ways, depending on the camera model:

  • For the LC-A: set the highest speed (400 ASA) and a high F stop, such as 11 or 16.
  • For the LC-A+, use the best speed for the distance with the subject. Remember that the flash works within a 2-3 metre distance; however, thanks to the film speed we get lots of light, so if you want to shoot flash I’d recommend to set the scene at least at 1,5 and 800 ASA speed.
If you wish to shoot darker images, just go for 1600.

Here are some examples of this technique. The last shot is a combination of both tips:


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  1. parktreeone
    parktreeone ·

    Nice one, I'll keep this in mind when I get my back, also like the bit about doubles with lca, I love it when someone blows a silly myth out of the water

  2. nural
    nural ·

    great tips!! I'll be buying the instant back next week, I can't wait!

  3. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    I'm having a terrible time with my Instant Back+. It's attached to my LC-A+. The pictures come out very overexposed and I can't get doubles outside with sun light, they come out all white, even with the ISO set to 1600!! Can you help me? Maybe it works better with the LC-A with a high F stop? I'm so frustrated right now and it was so expensive... :( Nice article, btw!

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